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Raptors Shut Down Massive Trade With Warriors

The Toronto Raptors didn't like this Golden State Warriors tase

Before the Golden State Warriors traded Jordan Poole to the Washington Wizards for Chris Paul, the team reportedly checked in with the Toronto Raptors about a swap for OG Anunoby. According to Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, the Raptors were not interested in such a deal.

"One of the Warriors' calls, I'm told, was to check with Toronto about a proposal centering on Poole for 25-year-old forward OG Anunoby. But the Raptors weren’t interested," Kawakami wrote.

This makes sense, especially after seeing the package Poole went for. With concerns about his contract, Poole was never likely to net somebody like Anunoby from Toronto, who will likely be worth much more if the Raptors choose to deal him.

While the Warriors were not able to land a wing like Anunoby in exchange for Poole, the addition of Paul could be great for them. Not needing much scoring production from Paul, the Warriors just need him to hold down the minutes Steph Curry sits, while serving as an additional playmaker in lineups alongside Curry.

For the Raptors, they are still expected to shop some of their key players, including Anunoby. While the organization has given no clear signs on their current direction, many reports have indicated they are moving towards a rebuild this summer. If so, a player like Anunoby should be a major trade piece. 

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