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Steph Curry Reacts to Lakers Ending Warriors' Season

Steph Curry felt the season was over mid-way through the fourth quarter.

There were glimpses of the Golden State Warriors looking like a championship team this season, but for the majority of it, they didn't look like contenders. That much was shown true when they lost in the second round to a seventh-seeded Los Angeles Lakers team.

Steph Curry was asked about the loss after the game and if he felt the Warriors were a true championship-contending team this season.

"I mean we lost, so that's a hard truth at the end of the journey," Curry said. "No competitor believes that until you're proven that you're not a championship team, and that's what getting beat in a playoff series means." 

The Golden State Warriors have not lost before reaching the NBA Finals since the 2013-2014 season against the LA Clippers. That was the last time the Warriors lost to a western conference team. In Game 6 against the Lakers, Curry strangely felt the season was over mid-way through the fourth quarter.

"Basketball is over for this year," Curry said. "Felt in the fourth quarter with about seven minutes left. You just really never heard that from us before in terms of trying to make sense of losing a series like we did, unless it's been in the finals. Gotta accept it, move on, and try to be better next year."

A loss like this can go one of two ways for the Golden State Warriors. They can make a major shakeup, or they can figure out a way to regroup and be even better next season.

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