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Steph Curry's Hilarious Draymond Green Joke Goes Viral

Golden State Warriors teammates Steph and Draymond hit the golf course

Golden State Warriors teammates Steph Curry and Draymond Green recently hit the golf course together, and Curry's lighthearted jab at Green is going viral. Joking about needing to teach Green some golf etiquette, Curry told his teammate that he doesn't want to get any technical fouls out on the golf course:

Green is always amongst the NBA leaders in technical fouls, and was forced to miss a game last season after passing the league's maximum technical foul limit. While those technical fouls can hurt that Warriors at times, Green's passion is also what makes him who he is, and why he has been able to anchor this Golden State team for so long.

As free agency opened on Friday, Green agreed to a four-year, $100M extension to stay with the Warriors, which is something he and the organization are excited about. Green has a player option for the final year of his contract, which gives him more flexibility to dictate how his career finishes.

Curry has been a strong advocate for Green over the years, and is excited that Golden State was able to keep their core together. With four championships over the last decade, Golden State still believes they can compete for more. Re-signing Green was their first step towards accomplishing that goal, as they look to bounce back from what was a disappointing second round exit.

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