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49ers put on Embarrassing Performance in 30-18 Loss to Colts

Once you move past the penalties, the story of the game goes back to the "genius incarnate" himself: Kyle Shanahan.

Exhale 49ers fans. The game is finally over.

The windy, cold, and torrential downpour game is now put to bed. 

Unfortunately for the fans in attendance with the horrid conditions, their trip to Levi's Stadium was in vain as the 49ers put on an embarrassing performance in their 30-18 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

This was a game that can easily be forgettable if not for the rain and the defensive pass interference calls. Sloppiness was shown from both football teams, but it was the 49ers who were the more susceptible to it. The weather is not an excuse. It impacted both teams. If anything, it is the 49ers who should be more prepared as the Colts are more accustomed to neutral weather given they play in a dome.

Let's start with the penalties. The 49ers registered seven penalties for 122 yards. The bulk of those yards stemmed from FOUR defensive pass interference calls. I believe that makes the 49ers league leaders in that specific penalty, but either way they are definitely up there. This has been plaguing the 49ers all season long. All an opposing quarterback has to do is chuck it down the field and they'll likely be awarded a penalty. It is a smart plan to expose this weakness of the 49ers. 

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This brings up the cliche saying: you're either coaching it or allowing it.

What on earth is secondary coach Cory Undlin doing with his group? Now bear in mind that this is the third consecutive year that the 49ers have a new secondary coach. First it was Joe Woods, then Tony Oden, and now Undlin. This secondary is relatively the same in years past and they never committed these same egregious errors. This falls on Undlin, and especially Kyle Shanahan for allowing this to continue. 

Once you move past the penalties, the story of the game goes back to the "genius incarnate" himself: Kyle Shanahan.

Shanahan scripts plays magnificently. The 49ers have looked solid every first-quarter. But once the 15 or so scripted plays are done, Shanahan falls flat. The players are not doing him any favors with a handful of failed executions on plays, but that does not absolve Shanahan. He is the head coach, thus he is the face of the blame. The play action plays were working well in the first-quarter, then suddenly he decides to drop Jimmy Garoppolo back straight up on passes. Garoppolo is not capable of picking apart a defense like that if it is not a quick pass play.

Shanahan is in his own head. Look no further than the challenge he unnecessarily threw on a fumble by Jonathan Taylor. There is no rhythm to his play calling and the personnel choices, like playing Dre Kirkpatrick and making Deommodore Lenoir a healthy scratch, is part of the reason the 49ers are on this four game losing streak.

This team is not a playoff contender. They overvalued themself and it starts and ends with Shanahan. At this point, the 49ers' best chance is to go young and hope to build something for future years because this run with so many veterans is stagnating the franchise.