11 Reasons the 49ers Should Not Re-Sign Richard Sherman

1. He's 33.

There might be a couple reasons the 49ers should re-sign veteran cornerback Richard Sherman.

But there are many, many more reasons the 49ers should NOT re-sign him. Here are those reasons.

1. He's 33.

2. He was horrendous last season -- he gave up a quarterback rating of 116.2. 

3. He injured his calf after the first week of the season and missed 11 games.

4. He has a surgically-repaired Achilles tendon and his body seems to be breaking down.

5. Rookie cornerback Ambry Thomas is better than him right now and deserves all the playing time Sherman would take.

6. Sherman is by far the slowest cornerback in the NFL.

7. Sherman is so slow, he probably can't crack a 4.8 40-yard dash.

8. Sherman is so slow, he simply cannot play man-to-man coverage anymore. He is limited to zone coverage. Which means his defense is limited to zone. And that's not good.

9. Sherman getting injured last season was the best thing that happened to the 49ers defense. Once he was out, the 49ers could cover man to man, which allowed them to blitz and generate pressure.

10. Robert Saleh probably wouldn't be a head coach right now had Sherman played 16 games in 2020. Because when Sherman went down, Saleh totally changed his defensive philosophy and showed range and adaptability. And he improved.

11. Sherman is too slow to play cornerback in the NFL -- he needs to move to safety. And the 49ers don't need another injury-prone safety. He can take his talents elsewhere.