49ers Intend to Promote Mike McDaniel to Offensive Coordinator

This promotion is ceremonial.
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The 49ers just lost their passing game coordinator, Mike LaFleur. But it looks like they'll keep their running game coordinator, Mike McDaniel.

LaFleur took a promotion to become the New York Jets offensive coordinator -- he will run the entire offense and call plays under newly-hired head coach Robert Saleh.

McDaniel is in line for a promotion as well, and the 49ers intend to give him one by making him their offensive coordinator, according to NBC Bay Area. The promotion is not yet official, meaning McDaniel has not yet accepted it, presumably.

This promotion would be ceremonial. McDaniel would not call plays -- Shanahan still would. Instead, McDaniel would get a new title and probably more money. Which is why he might prefer to become the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator. In Miami, he would call plays and run the show just as LaFleur will in New York. And McDaniel currently is a candidate for the Dolphins offensive coordinator job. But he doesn't seem like the leading candidate, which may be why he'll accept the 49ers' offer.

McDaniel, 37, has coached with Kyle Shanahan since 2006, with a two-year hiatus from 2009 to 2010 when McDaniel coached in the United Football League. Other than those two seasons, McDaniel has followed Shanahan everywhere he has gone. He is Shanahan's secret weapon. If Shanahan is Captain Kirk, McDaniel is Spock.

For the past four seasons, McDaniel has been the architect of the most intricate, advanced and aesthetically-pleasing run game in the NFL. Keeping him would be fantastic for the 49ers.

Stay tuned. The 49ers may announce McDaniel's promotion soon.