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49ers Place RB Jeff Wilson Jr. on Reserve/Covid List

The test results have begun to come in.

The test results have begun to come in.

And the 49ers have announced they have placed running back Jeff Wilson Jr. on the Reserve/Covid List, meaning he either has tested positive for the coronavirus or has come in contact with someone who is Covid-19-positive.

No word yet on if he will decide to opt out of the season. He currently is the second player the 49ers have placed on the Reserve/Covid List. Wide Receiver Richie James Jr. was the first.

The 49ers’ veterans took their first Covid-19 tests on Tuesday, so they should receive results today. They also will take a second round of tests today and, if they pass those, then the 49ers will let those players inside the building, and the team eventually will start practicing on August 10, although who knows what those practices will look like, or if they will happen on time.

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Stay tuned. The 49ers could place more players on the Reserve/Covid List throughout the week.

Wilson is just 24. He’s a promising, young running back who scored five touchdowns even though he touched the ball just 30 times last season. He also played in the Super Bowl and made a crucial 20-yard catch at the end of the first half.

As long as Wilson is on the Reserve/Covid List, veteran running back Tevin Coleman’s roster spot should be safe. He currently is the most expensive running back on the roster -- the 49ers will pay him more than $4.8 million next season. And Wilson is cheaper, younger and just as good, if not better than Coleman. Wilson might take Coleman’s job eventually. Just not any time soon, apparently.

I wish Wilson well and hope he recovers quickly.