Trey Lance Ditches Finger Brace But Still Isn't Throwing

The 49ers don't play until Sunday, so there's no need to risk reinjury five days away from the game.
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SANTA CLARA -- This is good news.

During practice on Monday, Trey Lance did not wear a brace on the index finger he broke last Sunday in the 49ers preseason finale against the Raiders. 

Last week, Lance wore a stiff brace and a bandage on the finger and didn't throw a football. Instead, he worked on his footwork. On Monday, he still didn't throw a football, and instead he worked on his footwork, but at least his finger seemed healthier. So that's progress.

Here's what general manager John Lynch said a few days ago about Lance's recovery timeline:

"I think it's trending in the right direction. The swelling is coming down. Monday was kind of the optimistic (return date). I promise you this -- we'll do right by Trey and have him in a good place before he's back out there. We certainly would love to have him available on Monday. I can promise you this about Trey as well. He does everything he can to get well, and he's working hard at that right now."

According to Lynch, it was optimistic to expect Lance to throw on Monday -- that would have been an expedited recovery. And the 49ers don't play until Sunday, so there's no need to risk reinjury five days away from the game. 

It's possible Lance's finger is 100 percent healthy and the 49ers were being careful with him. Or it's possible he's still recovering and won't play at all Week 1.

We'll have a better idea Wednesday. If the 49ers clear Lance to throw in that practice, he certainly could play and even start Week 1 against the Lance. If they don't clear him to throw by then, they probably won't let him throw much if at all this Sunday.

Big test on Wednesday.

Check out the video below of Lance's Monday practice.