49ers' Season Ticket Holders to Receive Inclusive Menu for the 2020 Season

Jose Luis Sanchez III

Season ticket holders of the San Francisco 49ers can now expect an added benefit following the 2019 season. Starting in 2020, fans with season tickets will receive an inclusive menu as part of their package deal. 

"The San Francisco 49ers are continuing the organization’s focus on fan satisfaction at Levi’s Stadium by becoming the first sports team to include food and beverage items as a benefit for its full Season Ticket Member base. The industry-shifting Member Inclusive Menu will debut with the 2020 season and include more than 15 of the most popular food and non-alcoholic beverage items available at 49ers games," per the 49ers' news release.

Season ticket holders will now have free and unlimited access to the following food and beverage menu items: 

Food - Chicken Tenders, Hot Dogs (Beef and Vegan), Sausages & Hot Links, Nachos (Regular and Loaded), Fries (Regular and Garlic), Pretzels, Popcorn, Peanuts, Candies

Beverages - Pepsi Products, Aquafina Water, Peet’s Coffee, Hot Chocolate

“We know attending games is a special experience for our fans. Because of that, we’re focused on continuously improving every aspect of gameday for them,” said Alex Chang, 49ers Chief Marketing Officer. “Through these efforts we hope to create lasting memories for the Faithful and further strengthen their bond with the 49ers.”

As great of an idea that the 49ers believe this will be, it'll be interesting to see how they will address the long concession lines. Those lines are sure to see a massive increase now that season ticket holders will be inclined to get food. Perhaps there will be an exclusive line for them so that general fans do not get held up longer.

“The idea of ‘inclusive food and beverage’ has the potential to make an enormous impact because it creates value for guests by making it easier for them to access the amenities they want most,” said Andy Lansing, President and CEO of Levy. “We’re going to add value and keep the same great quality and flavor fans have come to expect at Levi’s Stadium. We believe this approach will redefine how we think about serving our fans on gameday."

From the sounds of this, the 49ers are banking on fans to receive this news as a win. With this added benefit, the cost of season tickets is expected to increase. According to Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, season ticket holders will see a 13% increase in prices. Some fans may see this as worth it for the value of the deal. 

However, there is sure to be others who will wonder why they do not get the option to decline. Maybe down the line there will be as more details emerge. Nevertheless, this a benefit that will be added to all season ticket packages and only to regular-season tickets. General fans will be out of luck with hopes to purchase this benefit.

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Comments (8)
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Yeah it’s going to be a rip off


The 49ers are lying about the 13% increase. My invoice went up $3000 from last year. That’s a 40% increase. I have 6 seats per game so the breakdown is $300 per game, $50 seat. How is that free food? The 49ers are forcing me to spend $50/person per game. I can see many lawsuits lining up to fight this.


Did you not read about long lines? Cold hot dogs, etc. what if we don't want the crap that they serve, but prefer our own tailgating. Your talking $20x10 or $200 per ticket per year for crap that few are buying anyway. There needs to be an op out and than see who thinks its worth it. Jed just can't stop messing with us. He NEVER GIVES ANYTHING AWAY!


All yours for only nine ninety-nine ninety nine!!!


This is great, free food throughout the game sounds to good to be true. Like unlimited food and drink for all season ticket holders in all 8 home games? That is unheard of, there has got to be a catch because this is to good to be true