Another win in primetime for the San Francisco 49ers further pushes them as legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl. Especially when you consider the fact that they absolutely demolished the Green Bay Packers in front of the masses. The Packers have not had a loss anywhere near the one suffered on Sunday night.

It's just what the 49ers do. Make good teams look average, if you can even call the Packers that from Sunday night. For the 49ers, their were strong performances all-around with many players raising their stock. And just like any game there were still some players who's stock also took a hit. 

Here is the latest 49ers stock report of the the three risers and fallers from week 12.


Daniel Brunskill

When Justin Skule was having an extremely rough going on Sunday night, Kyle Shanahan pulled him for Daniel Brunskill in the second quarter. Shanahan gambled on Brunskill, who’s experience is scare at left tackle, to solidify the left side. The passing game could not get established due to pressure and penalties. 

Once Brunskill slid in, he immediately impacted the aerial game. The 49ers went on to have great success through the air and Brunskill is a reason why. He did not allow a single pressure for the entire game and graded 75.4 overall via Pro Football Focus. To be able to perform so well in a high pressure situation is astounding. 

Brunskill showed a lot of heart and resolve to be able to handle that scenario. Having an offensive tackle that can play both sides is a luxury. The mechanics and footwork that go into get reversed, so it’s tricky. Now that he showed he is capable at left tackle, Brunskill just may get the start against the Ravens on Sunday if Joe Staley can’t go.

Deebo Samuel

Ever since dropping an easy touchdown pass in week nine, Deebo Samuel has been on a tear. He is no longer a rookie anymore. This guy looks like a reliable veteran wide receiver, which gives the 49ers’ offense another dynamic. Now that Samuel is balling out, Jimmy Garoppolo can make defense’s pay for scheming against George Kittle and Emmanuel Sanders. 

The key to any great passing game is having three reliable receivers. With Sanders in and out of the lineup, it allowed Samuel to receive a heavy workload. Clearly it has done him wonders because he has found his groove in the offense. The offense of the 49ers was already dangerous without his strong presence. Now the offense has evolved into another dangerous form.

Fred Warner

With Kwon Alexander out for the rest of the season, there was a hole left at linebacker position. However, not only has Dre Greenlaw helped shrink the hole, but Fred Warner has stepped up his game. Warner’s production has been incredible and should garner much Pro Bowl consideration for him. As great as he’s produced, his leadership and energy is what really has helped fill the void left by Alexander. 

Everyone of his teammates has referred to Warner as a leader of the defense. He really has taken on more of that role, which has done wonders for the 49ers’ defense. With Alexander, Warner looked like a stud linebacker. Without him, he has risen to new heights of being an elite Pro Bowl caliber player. Watching how he fares to attack Lamar Jackson will be an intriguing sight to see as he gets to test his mettle.


Justin Skule

With Joe Staley back on the sidelines, Justin Skule swung back as the starting left tackle. Against the Cardinals last week, he performed well enough as he had done previously before week 10. However, Skule did not wake up on the right side of the bed on Sunday. The Packers’ Zadarius Smith was giving Skule a tough time from the moment the game started. 

He was having such a horrendous game that Shanahan saw enough to bench him for the rest of the game. Brunskill came in the rest of the way and immediately did a better job. It’s not really a good look for Skule to have a predominate right tackle play better at his own position. Because of the great job Brunskill did, Skule may not start on Sunday against the Ravens. 

His stock took a dramatic decline, which doesn’t feel right since he did a solid job filling in for Staley for most of the season. However, that’s just how the NFL is, especially for someone who doesn’t have experience. Whichever player has a good week of practice will get the nod on Sunday, unless Staley is able to give it a go.

Dante Pettis

Ever since Shanahan went on the record about Dante Pettis’ lack of execution on his opportunities, he has been in the doghouse. Or at least, he was officially put there since it has essentially felt that way with him all season long. Pettis did not receive a single target on Sunday night. In fact, did he even get any offensive snaps? 

It’s safe to say that any contributions he will make with the 49ers is now dead. Barring any unfortunate injuries to the rest of the wide receivers, don’t expect Pettis to be out there. Richie James Jr. is a much more impact player than Pettis anyways. It took until week 12 for Pettis’ stock to officially become at its low point.

Emmanuel Sanders

Before you overreact, Emmanuel Sanders did not do anything wrong to hurt his stock. It’s the fact that Kittle returned and Samuel’s emergence has hurt it. There is now three strong outlets for Garoppolo to go to. Sanders is a still a valuable piece in the offense, but when the offense is at full strength his value gets a bit diminished. 

This is not a problem at all, if anything this is a great position to be in for the 49ers. They have their best player back and Samuel has risen his game to an experienced player. This needed to happen for the offense as they get closer and closer to the playoffs. The more weapons they have, they harder it is for teams to scheme against them.