Trent Williams and Nick Bosa Will Benefit From Training Camp Battles

Jose Luis Sanchez III

It’s almost time for the San Francisco 49ers to officially commence training camp with padded practices. Walkthroughs are great and all, but this is where the players truly gain experience. There’s no better way for the players to leave a lasting impression on the coaches than to ball out in training camp, especially since there isn’t a preseason this year. 

What is most exciting about training camp when the pads come on is the highly anticipated battles between the elite players. One of the most, if not THE premier training camp battle is between Trent Williams and Nick Bosa. Despite taking a year off, Williams is still expected to be a stellar talent. If anything that year off will have revitalized him for the rigorous season. 

A fresh Williams up against a stud like Bosa will make for a pay-per-view event. It’s too bad the fans cannot attend this year and get a glimpse of it. 

What makes these two such a premier camp battle isn’t just because of the raw matchup, but because of how they will both benefit from it.

Like the saying goes, iron sharpens iron. Bosa will be able to wake Williams up and get his gameday legs under him again. This is the luxury of having phenomenal pass rushers on the same team. 

Williams, and even the rest of the offensive linemen, can go up against the best on their own team. It helps them stay alert when they face outside talent on Sundays. Not much should surprise them since the 49ers' pass rushers are already one of the best groups. 

These upcoming battles should expedite Williams' feel for the game again. 

As for Bosa, he certainly was aided by going up against Joe Staley last year. However, there wasn't much battling going on for him since he was nursing an ankle injury. This training camp will be his first real taste of it. The best part of it is that Williams is a better player than Staley. He's bigger and has much more quickness to him that should challenge Bosa's speed-to-power rush.

Williams and Bosa are going to get well acquainted real soon when training camp springs into full action. These two will only enhance each other's preparedness for week one of the regular season. 

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iron sharpens iron!


Remember when Grant said he would take Quinnen Williams over Nick Bosa lol