49ers Week 2 Film Breakdown: Good Jimmy and Bad Jimmy

Grant Cohn

Here are the best and worst plays 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo made Week 2 against the New York Jets before leaving at halftime with a high-ankle sprain.


12:24 First Quarter. First and 10 at SF 20.

This is one of Garoppolo's first throws of the game, and this is Good Jimmy. Call him Athletic Jimmy. He turns his back to the defense to carry out a play fake, turns back around, sees a defensive end directly in his face, calmly backpedals and throws a sidearm pass to tight end Jordan Reed. Most quarterbacks would have gotten sacked or worse during that play. Good Jimmy made it a positive play for the 49ers. Classic Good Jimmy.

2:44 First Quarter. Second and 16 at SF 27.

Second and extremely long. This is where lots of quarterbacks would get sacked, panic, check it down, do something bad or totally ineffective. Bad Jimmy certainly would do some of those things, but not Good Jimmy. Good Jimmy is confident and aggressive -- off the charts in both areas. So on this play, he throws downfield to his running back, Tevin Coleman, and hits him between four defenders for a gain of 18 and a first down. One of the best plays of Garoppolo's career. Most quarterbacks wouldn't even attempt that throw, let alone complete it.

13:35 Second Quarter. Third and 9 at NYJ 42.

Good Jimmy is at his goodest on third and long. Here, he looks to his right first and doesn't like what he sees. So he calmly surveys the middle of the field. Doesn't like what he sees. Then he scans his eyes to the left, finds Jordan Reed and hits him for a first down. Good Jimmy is a third-down wizard.

3:41 Second Quarter. First and 10 at SF 20.

Garoppolo throws the prettiest deep pass of his career while taking a monster hit, but Kendrick Bourne drops the ball. Kyle Shanahan should have called that play for Brandon Aiyuk instead. Bourne spoiled it.


11:06 First Quarter. Third and 8 at SF 22.

The first third down of the game for the 49ers. Trent Taylor runs a 10-yard out route and is open. Good Jimmy would have pulled the trigger and completed this pass. Bad Jimmy just stares at Taylor, holds the ball, gets sacked and suffers a high-ankle sprain. Garoppolo had played terribly this season before he injured his ankle. Perhaps this injury woke him up, in a sense.

0:18 Second Quarter. Second and goal at NYJ 4.

Missed a five-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Reed, who was open. Garoppolo forgot to set his feet. He threw while falling backward and missed the pass inside, which allowed the defensive back to break it up. Fortunately for the 49ers, this was Bad Jimmy's final play. Good Jimmy kicked him off the field and threw a touchdown pass to Reed on the next play.

Get well soon, Good Jimmy.

Watch the full breakdown below.

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