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49ers Week 2 Film Breakdown: Stock Up

Here's which San Francisco 49ers made their stocks go up during their 31-13 win over the New York Jets.

Here's which San Francisco 49ers made their stocks go up during their 31-13 win over the New York Jets.

1. Defensive End Arik Armstead.

Played defensive end for most of the game after Nick Bosa tore his ACL and rushed surprisingly well from the edge. As opposed to last season, when Armstead did most of his damage from the interior. He now is by far the best healthy edge rusher on the roster. This Sunday, he'll face Giants right tackle Cameron Flemming. Advantage: Armstead.

2. Defensive Tackle Javon Kinlaw.

In the first half, he made a tackle in the backfield and just missed recording a sack. Kinlaw consistently flashes good qualities in the first half of games, but wears down and makes less of an impact after halftime.

3. Defensive Tackle D.J. Jones.

Similar to Kinlaw, Jones makes impressive plays in the first half and tends to disappear in the second half. But his first-half plays are breath-taking because he's so fast for such a round man.

4. Defensive End Kerry Hyder.

Nick Bosa's replacement at defensive end. Hyder isn't nearly the edge rusher Bosa is, but he plays just as hard as Bosa. And Hyder is effective looping to the inside as a pass rusher. He hit Jets quarterback Sam Darnold twice after stunting to the inside.

5. Defensive Tackle Kevin Givens.

Arguably the best defensive tackle on the team right now. Jones and Kinlaw are more athletic, but Givens is more consistent and in better shape. He made big plays against the run and pass last Sunday, and played just as hard in the fourth quarter as he did in the first.

6. Running Back Raheem Mostert.

Had an 80-yard touchdown run that counted and a 67-yard touchdown run that didn't count because Mike McGlinchey committed a holding penalty. Both times, Mostert ran away from safeties that had a 15-yard head start. Mostert could rush for 2,000 if he could stay healthy. Unfortunately, he's not healthy.

7. Running Back Jerick McKinnon.

Had a 55-yard run on third and 31, plus a 16-yard touchdown run. McKinnon looks in fantastic shape, and now is the 49ers starting running back while Mostert is injured. How big of a workload can McKinnon handle? He never has been a featured running back in his life.

8. Tight End Jordan Reed.

He gets open easily and creates throws that are layups for any quarterback. That's why Reed caught two touchdown passes against the Jets, and could have another big game against the Giants.

Watch the full film breakdown below.