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Are Lynch and Shanahan at Odds over Which QB the 49ers Should Draft?

Their tones and their messages were completely different.
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John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan sure seemed at odds Monday during their pre-draft press conference.

First, Shanahan wasn't even supposed to be there. It was Lynch's day to control the narrative. But an hour before it started, Shanahan presumably added himself to the press conference.

And their tones were completely different. Lynch sounded open, upbeat and positive, while Shanahan sounded defensive, argumentative and negative.

And their messages were completely different. Lynch praised Jimmy Garoppolo and talked about patience and not playing the rookie quarterback until he's ready, while Shanahan wouldn't even guarantee Garoppolo would be alive this Sunday, let alone still with the 49ers.

Here's what Lynch said: "I do think we're somewhat uniquely set up to provide a positive environment for a rookie quarterback to come in and, when they're ready, have a good opportunity with a team that we think is going to be pretty good to go play and be put in an environment where they can be successful. I think oftentimes that's just not the case and maybe they're rushed to play early and that can have consequences moving forward."

Shanahan's message was much more desperate. He kept saying the 49ers need a starting quarterback, i.e. someone capable of playing Week 1 next season. Used the phrase "starting quarterback" 11 times.

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"We don't want to risk waiting on injuries and waiting on luck," Shanahan said. "We thought two first round picks for our future, guaranteeing us we had a starting quarterback, we were very excited about that."

It's worth noting that just a few weeks ago, Shanahan said he wanted Garoppolo to be the starting quarterback next season. Now he has completely changed his tune. He seems to want Garoppolo gone. Now.

Here's my interpretation of that bizarre press conference. Tell me if this sounds right.

If what has been reported is true that Shanahan wants Mac Jones, and Lynch, assistant GM Adam Peters and the rest of the 49ers personnel department wants Trey Lance, maybe Lynch will overrule Shanahan, and the 49ers will take Lance. Or maybe Jed York will overrule Shanahan, and the 49ers will take Lance.

Or maybe Shanahan already got overruled. And maybe that's why he crashed Lynch's press conference.

Just a theory. We'll find out soon enough.