Five Must-Watch Games on the 49ers' 2021 Schedule

These are the REAL must-watch games on the San Francisco 49ers' 2021 schedule.
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Five primetime games were awarded to the San Francisco 49ers. 

That certainly shows how much of an attraction the 49ers are. Five games in primetime is the biggest indicator that a team is a moneymaking entity. 

However, some of their primetime games do not even crack the interest meter. Does playing the Titans on Thursday Night Football really scream must-watch football? Not at all considering the lack of quality for Thursday night games and the lack of headlines between the two team.

The real must-watch games on the 49ers' schedule are the five below:

vs. Packers - Week 3 

Packers versus 49ers was the most obvious primetime game the 49ers were going to get. I had this game slated as such in a previous article. The NFL knows how these two matchup with one another. They just always have battles and storylines going into the games. 2021 shall be no different with the Aaron Rodgers trade request to the 49ers. Plus, this is going to be the Levi's Stadium home opener with the fans for the first time in two seasons. The crowd noise, no matter the number in attendance, is going to be a pleasure to hear.

vs. Colts - Week 7

DeForest Buckner will step into Levi's Stadium for the first time in another uniform. This game was always going to be a must-watch for fans, but the fact that it is going to be in primetime on Sunday Night Football puts an exclamation point on it. This game was also one that I predicted to be in primetime. I honestly did not think the league would go through with it because primetime matches between AFC and NFC teams are seldom. Clearly, this is a matchup that is too juicy to leave for the afternoon. It'll be interesting to see what the crowd's tone will be when Buckner arrives.

at Rams - Week 10

The 49ers are set to face the Rams in their first matchup in Los Angeles on Monday Night Football. By this time, both teams should just about be hitting their stride if they haven't already. Trey Lance could even be the starter by then, which would make it that much juicier. It would mean that both Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay are facing off with their new and improved quarterbacks. Plus, McVay has been owned by Shanahan the past two seasons. He is definitely going to want to kick the 49ers' teeth in on primetime after being embarrassed recently.

at Seahawks - Week 13

It can't be a must-watch-games article without including the Seahawks. Of all the teams in the NFC West, the one that brings the most animosity out of the 49ers and their fans is the Seahawks. These two always play each other in the most memorable games. It is just unfortunate that 2020 skipped a beat with all of the injuries and poor quarterback play. The 49ers need to re-write that. What better time to do that than in primetime Sunday Night Football with the masses watching?

vs. Rams - Week 18

The NFC West is an incredibly loaded division. It is arguably the best division in football. The past two seasons, the division has gone down to the final games of the season, and 2021 should be no different. Hosting the Rams will likely have playoff implications for the 49ers. It could be either for the division title, playoff seeding, or even a playoff berth. Whichever it is, it is sure to bring about a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.