Five Questions Jed York Needs to Ask Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan knows the rules. They're easy to find and even easier to follow.
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When Jed York sits down with Kyle Shanahan to have serious conversation about his offseason violations which cost the 49ers money and practice time, here are the five questions York should ask.

1. Why did Shanahan allow these illegal activities to take place when he knew the consequences?

Shanahan has been in the NFL since 2004, and his father, Mike Shanahan, started his NFL coaching career in 1984. So Kyle Shanahan knows the rules. They're easy to find and even easier to follow.

Why did he break these rules? Did he break them on purpose, or was he simply careless? Either way, the answer isn't good.

2. What made Shanahan think he would get away with these illegal activities?

Shanahan knows his players and coaches can go to the league or the NFLPA and anonymously tell on the 49ers if their practices are in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Shanahan also knows the league can summon his practice tape and watch it whenever it wants.

So why did he think he would get away with breaking these rules? Why was he so brazen?

3. What is to be gained from illegal bump-and-run-coverage drills in May when players aren't wearing pads and only rookies and backups are on the field?

Shanahan should have to give a cost-benefit analysis showing why it's worth risking fines and practice cancellations just to do some extra bump-and-run coverage drills in the spring which are expressly forbidden by the CBA. He should have to make a power point presentation and use a laser pointer.

4. Why didn't Shanahan fix this problem after the first violation?

Two other head coaches -- Urban Meyer and Mike McCarthy -- also committed practice violations this offseason. But Shanahan was the only head coach who got caught twice. Did he change absolutely nothing after the first violation? Does he not respect the league's rules and the health and safety of his players?

5. Why did Shanahan lie to the media about the cancellation of the final week of OTAs?

Shanahan said it was a personal choice to cancel the final week of OTAs, but in fact the league ordered them to cancel it. So Shanaha lied. And he had to know this information would come out, because it always does. So why did he lie? He hurt the integrity of the franchise. 

The 49ers want to win with class. Where is Shanahan's class?