How 49ers Fans Currently Feel About Kyle Shanahan

Now that he's 2-3 in Year 5, the faithful are losing faith.

Fans have lost their patience.

For four years, the 49ers Faithful made every excuse imaginable for Kyle Shanahan's three losing seasons. But now that he's 2-3 in Year 5, the Faithful are losing faith.

I did a podcast Tuesday morning on the state of the franchise. At the end, I took comments from the audience. Here's what the faithful said:

"Boo birds are gonna be out in full force on SNF. Will be humiliating for Kyle and Jimmy when Cris Collinsworth makes a big deal of it." -- Tony Nagatani.

"No play action? He's collecting a pay check." -- Watchu Talkn Bout Willis

"Maybe he is just having a bad stretch of games just like players do sometimes. I don't think this is dire, but I also don't think he has been good at all. Also, free Brandon Aiyuk." -- Just_A-Dude_Man

"Shanahan has no one to blame but his damn self." -- Ollie Ware

"It has been proven that Shanahan cannot handle the head coach responsibilities and now is an average offensive coordinator. Jed needs the backbone like Uncle Eddie. Trade away!" -- Eli Dearnaley

"Trade Shanahan to Jacksonville. Feed him to Trent Baalke." -- Gold Blooded

"We need the Bills offensive coordinator (Brian Daboll)." -- Ollie Ware

"If you clean house, get the Bills assistant general manager or head of scouting. Bills are good AND have been very healthy." -- Keldin

"Kyle can look in the mirror and blame himself. You don't keep your running backs on the bench and only use them 10 times in a rookie's first game. Just absolute coaching failure." -- Nitin Kumar

"Kyle is mad they outed him about (not wanting Tom) Brady." -- David Sanchez.

"Kyle got Lance hurt, period. Sick of Kyle." -- Mario Gonzalez.

"Trade Kittle for a first, trade Kyle for a first and let DeMeco Ryans inspire this team." -- Tanner Chavez.

"We need a leader of men, not just a good play caller." -- Donald Johnson.

"Shanahan doesn't like dual threat QBs. They drafted Kirk Cousins in the same draft as RGIII. What a confidence booster for RGIII." -- 1121_Music.

"Where else can you go and have 1 winning season out of 5 and it's acceptable? I guess the 49ers. Stop it, fans. Trade him." -- Tee Breezy.

"Kyle always dialed it up for Mullens and Beathard and this is the best he could do for Lance? Sad." -- Michael Young.

"Lance is 'hurt.' Just an excuse to go back to Jimmy. Can't believe Kyle about anything." -- Justin Lomker.

Here's what people are saying about Shanahan on twitter: