How Trey Lance Reminds Steve Young of Himself

"Watching Trey throughout the game, it reminded me of my Tampa Bay days."
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Trey Lance received mixed reviews of his first extended regular season action from his head coach, Kyle Shanahan, who said there was "some good, some bad" from his rookie quarterback.

Steve Young had a different take. A much more positive one.

Here's what Young said Thursday morning on KNBR in San Francisco about Lance's performance against the Seahawks.

YOUNG: "Watching Trey throughout the game, it reminded me of my Tampa Bay days. He has a much better team with him right now than I did, but it reminded me of how I played. Everything I had, you got it full speed. It was not very refined. I was not going to go down without a fight. We were going to move the ball. We were going to figure it out. And that last drive, it just felt really familiar. I know that Trey has a much better team than I did, but wow! It was something you can build off of. And I left the game wanting to see more. I know it's going to be crazy and frenetic and we're going to have some growing pains, but I came away wanting to see more.

"Now in reference to Jimmy, Jimmy is so much more polished. And the idea of getting to the Super Bowl right now, it would feel like Jimmy is the best bet because he's more polished. But you can feel the power and the athleticism and the opportunity with Trey. You can feel it. And you want to see more of it. So how does Kyle want to deal with that? And I think that in the end, Kyle screamed at us in the spring and he's going to continue to scream at us at some level in the fall that if he gets an opportunity and he thinks this guy is capable, he's going to play him.

"Right now, obviously there's still some concern, and you can see it in the play. The ball is flying around five feet over some of the slants. It's chaotic. But because it looks familiar to me, I don't know if it's going to work out like me, but when I watched him, I said that is something I can build off of."