How 49ers TE George Kittle Eliminated the Vikings from the Playoffs

Grant Cohn

You would think 49ers tight end George Kittle flat-out disappeared during the playoffs if you didn’t watch the games and only looked at box scores.

Three catches for 16 yards against the Vikings in the Divisional Round.

One catch for 19 yards against the Packers in the NFC Championship.

Four catches for 36 yards against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

That’s eight catches for just 71 yards in three postseason games for the All Pro tight end.

So un-Kittle.

But Kittle didn’t play poorly -- the 49ers simply ran the ball a ton because they ran the ball so well. They ran 47 times for 182 yards and two touchdowns against the Vikings, 42 times for 285 yards and four touchdowns against the Packers and 22 times for 141 yards and one touchdown in the Super Bowl.

The entire 49ers offense played well and contributed to the success on the ground -- that includes the offensive linemen and the running backs, of course. Tevin Coleman played well against the Vikings, and Raheem Mostert was brilliant in all three games. And fullback Kyle Juszczyk was vital, too. He always is.

But Kittle was the catalyst. He was the engine of the 49ers’ running game, the most valuable member of it. The person who made it virtually unstoppable. The person who would push a defensive linemen 10 yards downfield so the running back could sprint nine yards untouched.

Without Kittle, the 49ers might not have beaten the Vikings in the Divisional Round. Seriously. He was that important.

Don’t believe me?

Check out Kittle’s best blocks from that game for yourself.

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Mitchell Alan
Mitchell Alan

About 100 Hall of Fame head coaches would have STARTED Raheem Mostert in the SuperBowl. And handed Mostert the ball time after time.

The Chief's Andy Reed is probably going to the HOF, and he is still scratching his head as to why Mostert wasn't in the game at Snap One.

The one coach who did NOT believe that Mostert should start is young Kyle Shanahan. And by that dubious decision, Shanahan made himself unique. And definitely not HOF material at this point.


You would of never thought we ran for 141 yards only on 22 carries in the SB. It seemed like it was a very quiet 141 with most of those yards going to Deebo on jet sweeps. It’s still crazy to think Mostert didn’t get his first carry in the SB until the 2nd quarter. Coming off a 220 yard game he sits on the bench to start the SB only to watch an average Tevin Coleman with a bum shoulder take his carries. If Coleman is our lead back to start the 2020 season I’m going to be pisssed!! Jeff Wilson Jr needs to get more carries this year and Coleman needs to be released!! He’s not worth his salary. Lynch could of saved 4 million by cutting him back in March. Big mistake paying TC that money.