Jason Verrett is the key to unlocking the 49ers success at cornerback

The San Francisco 49ers secondary in 2018 was a complete dumpster fire. Outside of veteran cornerback Richard Sherman there was no one else who stood out among the group. However, the addition of Jason Verrett should enhance the experience of the cornerbacks on the lower end of the depth chart.
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It's no secret that the San Francisco 49ers secondary was a complete shamble last season. The entire position group became exposed in the handful of games that Richard Sherman missed out on due to injury. That's because most of the 49ers cornerbacks are raw young talent that still needs some crucial development.

It's difficult to try to get upset at the production of the cornerback position when so many of them were thrown into the fire due to injuries or because the offense couldn't sustain drives.

These players were on the field for a heavy amount of the snaps against talented wide receivers. However, thanks to the acquisition of former Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett the 49ers have a chance to have their secondary vastly improve.

If Verrett is able to shake off the injury bug and return to his elite level of play, then the back end of the depth chart will be allotted more time to develop. They will also be able to take on ideal match ups as opposed to covering the No. 1 or No. 2 receiver.

Those duties will be for Sherman and Verrett, so it makes the depth of the secondary a more fair match up. A lot of it is predicated on Verrett's health, which is a toss up. Will the 49ers be able to double down on their luck with Verrett like they did with Sherman last season?