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Key Games the 49ers Should Closely Watch on Their Bye

Without a game today for the 49ers, there are a few key games they should closely watch while on their Bye.

The 49ers do not have a game today.

However, that does not mean they won't be completely away from football. The 49ers are at the end of their Bye Week. Now is the first day to start getting some lightweight scouting on future games.

Here are some key games the 49ers should closely watch on their Bye.

Cardinals versus Browns

Watching how the Browns play against the Cardinals will be revealing, especially on offense. There wasn't an issue with the 49ers defense against Arizona, but the offense. This could be a learning moment to see how the Browns call their offense and attack the Cardinals. The 49ers can look back to see what they got wrong and look at how the Browns attacked them.

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It is not like the Browns offense doesn't have similarities to the 49ers. Both offenses want to run the football and hope to utilize play-action or any sort of counter plays to move the defense. The next time the 49ers face the Cardinals they can use that newfound knowledge. It also helps to watch the Cardinals and hope that they lose for divisional purposes.

Rams versus Giants

This may seem like a cop-out to default pick another division opponent's game, but it isn't just to watch in hope of losing. Yes, the 49ers can watch the Rams and look to pick up on some tendencies on both sides of the ball. But the real focal point I want to stress here for the 49ers is to look closely at the Rams offense, specifically for Kyle Shanahan. 

Watch how the Rams dial up pass plays and scheme their guys open so beautifully. It is not like Shanahan doesn't have the capable talent at wide receiver to do so. Now it does help to have Matthew Stafford as a quarterback, but Sean McVay has been doing this even when the Rams had Jared Goff. So maybe this a moment for the teacher (Shanahan) to learn from the student (McVay).

Bills versus Titans

This game is one that strikes me as a double dip benefit. For starters, the 49ers have to face the Titans. And while that is still a long time away in the season, it is still something they can take a bit of notes on just in case. Better to have something in handy to have an idea about the Titans two months away. But the 49ers should closely watch this game because of Josh Allen.

The 49ers got a close hand look at Allen when he eviscerated the 49ers on Monday Night Football last season. Watching him again on primetime should remind Shanahan that Allen didn't just magically get to that level. It took many failures and errant performances for him to attain it, but he needed to play to get there. That could be Trey Lance for the 49ers. Of all the games the 49ers should closely watch, this is at the forefront for that specific reason.