NFC West Week 12 Check In: 49ers Return to the Winning Side

Jose Luis Sanchez III

The NFC west had a bit of shakeup last week when the Seattle Seahawks handed the San Francisco 49ers their first loss of the season. A loss was bound to happen for the 49ers after starting 8-0, but a loss to a team in the NFC West was the last thing they wanted. It allowed the Seahawks to climb closer to the division lead to a half game. 

Meanwhile, the Rams returned home to Los Angeles to host the Chicago Bears on Sunday night football. The Rams were embarrassed by the Pittsburgh Steelers despite coming off a bye week. Last but not least, the Arizona Cardinals had a last minute lost to the Tampa Buccaneers on a game-winning field goal. The Cardinals do not allow themselves to give up as they showed that on Halloween against the 49ers, who they had another date with for the last time in 2019. 

Let’s dive in to each of the teams in the NFC west to see what their status is entering week 12.

San Francisco 49ers (9-1)

Entering week 11, the 49ers only had a half game lead over the Seahawks. A win against the Cardinals was a must have for them so they could strengthen their grip on the NFC west. Early on in the game, it didn’t look like the 49ers were going to come out with a win. The offense looked practically asleep, while the Arizona was keeping the 49ers’ defense on their heels. Somehow someway the 49ers were able to comeback down 16 points and win 36-26. It was just another testament of the mentality that this team haves. 

They get backed down into a corner, yet have the strong will to rise up. The win over the Cardinals pushes the 49ers lead in the NFC west, but these slow starts that they have done in the last two games must not be replicated in week 12. The Green Bay Packers are flying to Levi’s Stadium for what is now a primetime matchup on Sunday night. Aaron Rodgers is not someone the 49ers want to be trailing two scores against. This game is going to be yet another must watch for football fans. There hasn’t been a hyped up matchup between the Packers and 49ers since the 2013 playoffs in the wild card round.

Los Angeles Rams (6-4)

If you turned off the Sunday night matchup between the Rams and the Bears I wouldn’t blame you. It was a real snooze fest of a game that barely held interest. Just watching that game was such an eye opener of how far these two teams have fallen. The Rams may have gotten the win, but there contention for the NFC west is expired. There is just no way that they’re going to be able to beat out the 49ers and the Seahawks. 

The Rams best bet is a wild card berth and even that is a stretch. A win against the Bears was needed for them to keep hopes alive, especially with a tough matchup with the Ravens on Monday night. Does anyone have any faith in the Rams to pull the upset? Baltimore is rolling and is easily a top three team in this league. They are going to have their way with the Rams, which is great news for the 49ers. Marcus Peters is sure to want to show out against his former team that traded him away.

Arizona Cardinals (3-7-1)

Tip of the hat to the Cardinals. They once again almost pulled out a win over the 49ers and can be accredited as the team that laid out the blueprint on the 49ers’ offense. They proved that point this past Sunday when the offense of the 49ers was stagnate for the first half. It was a bit of role-reversal for these two teams from their initial matchup in week nine. Only except the 49ers actually completed the comeback by sealing a victory. Despite losing both games this season, the Cardinals have proven that they can play up to the level of the 49ers.

 If they can have a strong offseason with additions and development, then they can easily be playoff contenders. One thing is for certain is that Kyler Murray can play. He did a decent job in week nine against the 49ers, then he doubled down in week 11. Murray is such a handful to defend against because he has great arm talent and is mobile. It’s why the Cardinals never lay down in games they are trailing. Arizona can play spoiler for some teams down the line, which benefits the 49ers.

Seattle Seahawks (8-2)

The Seahawks were enjoying their bye after handing the 49ers their first loss of the season. Now that they are back in action this Sunday, they will be hungry for a win since the 49ers widened the gap with their recent win. Seattle will square off against the Eagles in Philadelphia, which won’t be easy by any measure. The Eagles are in the hunt as well and can not afford to continue to drop games. San Francisco will be Eagles fans this Sunday so that they can maintain their position atop the NFC west.