How embarrassing was it for the Green Bay Packers to get obliterated by the San Francisco 49ers in primetime? When you consider the fact that the Packers were coming off of a bye, then their loss looks increasingly worse. The 49ers have made so many teams look pedestrian in their wins no matter who the opponent is.

It is the reason why in the latest NFL power rankings in week 13 has the 49ers maintaining their grasp at No. 1.

This now marks the fourth consecutive week that the 49ers have been ranked No. 1 in the power rankings. In a way, it is kind of surprising that they have held their grasp at the top spot for this long. The 49ers had two shaky wins against the Cardinals and lost to the Seahawks in week 10. On the surface, it should have ousted them from No. 1, but the reality is the 49ers haven't looked bad by any stretch.

This team is still powering it's way through this late in the season, further proving that they are not the "pretenders" that some make them out to be. Even with a dominating victory against the Packers, critics still refuse to acknowledge the 49ers. That tends to be the case when a team arrives out of the blue in elite fashion.

San Francisco is one of, if not the best team in the NFL. However, that status will be put to the test in week 13 when they head to the east coast to face the Baltimore Ravens. When comparing the 49ers and Ravens it is practically (1A) and (1B). There has not been anyone better than these two over the last two months.

Watching what the Ravens did to the Rams on Monday night, you gain clarity as to why the Ravens are so phenomenal. They play excellent defense and attack in a variety of ways on offense behind the arm and legs of Lamar Jackson. Sunday's matchup between these two teams is, once again for the 49ers, a must watch. It really is a shame that this game is slated for a 10am PST start time.

Not just because it isn't a primetime slot, but because the 49ers body clock will be tampered with. They could come out sluggish early on in this game, which is something they cannot afford against this vaunted Ravens team. It is pretty safe to say that whoever wins this game will be ranked as No. 1 in next weeks power rankings.