Raheem Mostert’s Pay Raise Request is Justifiable

Jose Luis Sanchez III

We all want to be paid what we’re worth. 

49ers running back Raheem Mostert is no exception as he reportedly requested a pay raise earlier in the offseason per Josina Anderson. Mostert is playing his cards right in this situation. Running backs, especially an aging one like him, do not get cashed out on their following contract. He needs to get any increase in pay while his talents are still valued. 

Do not expect a lucrative deal or any high sum of money. Realistically what will happen is the 49ers will bump his pay a bit and guarantee his base salary. Maybe even include some incentives to keep him consistent and add another year to his deal. 

His base salary for 2020 ($2.5 million) and 2021 ($2.9 million) are currently not guaranteed, so it makes sense that he wants the security for his services. 

Mostert’s request for a pay raise is justifiable. Aside from George Kittle and Jimmy Garoppolo, Mostert optimizes the 49ers’ offense. From the very moment that his snaps increased, it was clear who the best running back on the team was, from trampling over the Ravens in week 13 to having a historical performance in the NFC championship game. 

If Mostert wants a pay raise, then the 49ers should give it to him. 

Now I know there is still the matter of Kittle’s extension. Why work on and give Mostert one when Kittle has been waiting? Simple. Mostert is not going to break the bank like Kittle. And with the mystery of how the cash flow will be like going forward due to the pandemic, Kittle’s deal becomes significantly more difficult. 

Remember, the 49ers love to back load their deals with players, which is where the complications in negotiating a deal with Kittle derives. Comparing Mostert’s request to Kittle’s is apples to oranges. It’s but a trifle in comparison. Mostert deserves his request to be honored. 

Given the 49ers history the last few years, it’s not a matter on if they will grant it but when.

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Disagree. Shanahan uses a running back by committee approach and not one workhorse who gets the majority of carries and a big contract. Shanahan pays 3 running a good salary rather than pay one running back a great salary.


Jose, love your style! It is so mature and sincere. Can't quite put my finger on it but what comes across is soothing.


Pay the man!!!!