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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 5 Takeaways from Week 11

The 49ers are back to playing effective football. Its not explosive by any means, but the big W pushed them up to a .500 record.

After another week of mistake-free football, the 49ers improved their record to 5-5, eyeing a Wild Card spot. Here are the top 5 takeaways from the victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The defense contributed again.

For two weeks in a row, the 49ers defense forced multiple turnovers. Fred Warner recovered a fumble, and special teams piled on a dropped punt. The turnovers were missing in the first few weeks of the season.

The defense stayed disciplined except for a pass interference penalty by Jaquiski Tartt when the game was out of Jaguars' reach.

Nick Bosa finally got the attention of officials.

Nick Bosa is having a remarkable season, but was undone by the officials who ignored him on the field. The opposing team always throws everything at their disposal to neutralize the Bosa effect. That includes holding him illegally and choking him.

So far into the season, few offensive holding penalties came in favor of Bosa. This week it changed. He generated two penalties. Bosa continuously generated pressure which made a huge difference. If officials stop ignoring Bosa, the 49ers will benefit immensely.

The Jaguars beat themselves.

We should not take anything away from the victory that the 49ers achieved, but 49ers were smart enough not to complicate things. They continued with the formula that worked the week before. The run game took precedence, and Jimmy Garoppolo ensured that he did not turn over the football.

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The Jaguars on the other hand were determined to find ways to lose the game. The turnovers did not help, especially with the dropped punt by the returner. They were unable to stay disciplined throughout the game.

A couple of penalties helped the 49ers keep drives going. The 49ers were more than happy to let Jaguars shoot themselves in the foot and come away with a victory to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Do not expect changes at the quarterback position.

Jimmy Garoppolo missed Jeff Wilson for an easy touchdown in the red zone. Garoppolo was much better converting third downs. He attempted only 22 passes the entire game, which is the optimum range for him.

It would still be uncertain how much Garoppolo can lead the 49ers efforts if they chase a game from behind and win. The playoff birth possibly will be determined in such fashion in seven games to come.

Kyle Shanahan did not seem keen on giving Trey Lance playing time. Lance came on as time expired. Do not expect Lance to get extended playing time unless the 49ers are mathematically eliminated from the playoff picture.

Aiyuk and Sermon get their place at the grownups table.

Thanksgiving is coming up, which probably changed the mind of Shanahan, who finally gave more playing time to Trey Sermon. Sermon got 10 carries in this game, and Aiyuk made an impact for the second week running.

As 49ers use Deebo Samuel as a hybrid player, the chances are limited for Sermon. But he has the opportunity to prove his worth. Still, Jeff Wilson will act as the primary running back.