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The 49ers' Biggest Liability on Offense

The biggest liability on offense this season is the same thing it was last season.
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SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers' biggest liability on offense isn't their quarterback, and it's not their running backs, either.

The biggest liability on offense this season is the same thing it was last season -- the offensive line. Specifically, the center Alex Mack, and the right guard Daniel Brunskill.

Don't believe me? Watch my breakdown of Mack's and Brunskill's awful performances from this past Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

The 49ers knew they were weak at center and right guard coming into the season. That's why they signed Mack in free agency and drafted Aaron Banks is Round 2. But Banks has been a healthy scratch every game this season, and Mack has been a dissappointment. He will turn 36 in November, and he's playing like it. He flailed and whiffed on at least a half dozen blocks Week 3.

Which means the 49ers failed to improve the biggest weaknesses on their offense. Mack and Banks were supposed to be major improvements. Instead, the 49ers still have a weak interior offensive line. But, hey, at least they spent their first round pick on a backup quarterback.

The 49ers offense will continue to struggle against good defensive lines as long as Mack and Brunskill are in the starting lineup. Which means the 49ers need to find long-term solutions at those positions. Mack and Brunskill are mere bandaids who can't cover up the problem.

If only the 49ers had spent their second round pick on, say, Josh Myers, the Packers current starting center, instead of Banks.