There's Hope: 49ers Post-Week 12 Under Reaction

Once counted out and yet the San Francisco 49ers are now just in the thick of things.
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When we all wanted to start thinking about who the 49ers could take in the 2021 NFL Draft, they go out and play sound offense and shutdown defense all game long.

If you were saying, “Screw the draft pick” and let’s make the playoffs and see what happens, well, you win.

49ers don’t have to win the final five.

San Francisco does not have to finish the season undefeated to have a shot at the playoffs -- they just have to be unbeaten within the NFC West.

If San Francisco comes up short on Monday Night in Arizona versus Buffalo or Washington or Dallas it does not indicate the season is over, all it indicts is more anxiety and stress over making the playoffs.

If Arizona loses one of the two versus Los Angeles (highly likely) and loses to San Francisco, then the 49ers will own the tiebreaker due to a better division record. Obviously, San Francisco has to take care of business first -- that’s the main ingredient to the recipe.

A home away from home.

A road trip to Arizona may be what this team needs. The 49ers are 1-4 at home this season after going 6-2 in 2019.

Being evicted as if they were two months late on rent might be good for Nick Mullens as well. While Mullens has diminished any offseason trade value he had this season, Mullens is 2-1 on the road.

Mullens' one loss on the road seemed a bit like Murphey’s Law. Yes, I watched the game and Mullens didn’t play well either but with his limitations to add in no Deebo Samuel and Jerrick McKinnon as his go-to running back -- what could you really ask from him? Two muffed punts and the worst roughing the passer call since Ahmad Brooks in the same stadium against the same quarterback-- leading to a touchdown instead of a field goal.

Imagine yourself at the casino playing roulette. The two times you bet on red you lost and the three times you bet on black you won twice. I guarantee you’d be betting on black once again. That’s what I am doing here and give me road Mullens until Jimmy Garoppolo returns.

The Defense is really that good.

Right now the 49ers are sixth in total defense in the NFL -- and that includes the Brian Allen game. And this past week, they essentially added a coach on the field in Richard Sherman.

If this team has any shot at the playoffs it’ll be because of this unit. There is a reason why Sherman has so much high praise for Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh. The job Saleh has done with a depleted depth chart is the reason why he is on the head-coaching radar.

Be Patient

This season may have felt like a roller coaster but enjoy the ride as if you’re at Great America. A 2-1 record over the next three, and then hopefully they can get George Kittle and Garoppolo back for the final two games, and they will be in.

Just get to the dance and anything can happen after that.