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Trent Williams says the 49ers' Issues are Overblown

If the 49ers are going to turn their season around and make the playoffs, Williams needs to project that confidence.

SANTA CLARA -- Trent Williams has become the voice of the offense.

He's a wonderful combination of intelligence, insight, warmth, openness and patience. When you ask him a question, he listens, answers thoughtfully and talks with a slow, quiet confidence. And he speaks for everybody.

Which makes him the leader. So if the 49ers are going to turn their season around and make the playoffs, he needs to project that confidence.

And that's what Williams did on Monday. 

Here's what he said when asked about the outlook for the rest of the season.

WILLIAMS: "We need to figure out a way to win, to close games. And figure out a way to put points on the board as an offense. Our defense has played well. As an offense, we have to find ways to sustain drives on third AND fourth down. When we get in an opponent's territory, we have to make it count."

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Q: Why do you think you guys had so many holds and offensive penalties last week?

WILLIAMS: "It's just the flow of the game. It's football -- you've got to learn to roll with the punches. Even with all the misfortune with the penalties and the turnovers, it was still a one-score game against what's probably considered the best team in the league right now."

Q: Does the fact that all three losses were within reach keep morale up in the locker room?

WILLIAMS: "Yeah, I wouldn't say that's a moral victory. I'd say that's just, when you look at the pros and cons and where we're sitting today, our list of wrongs is not that long. I know a lot of teams have a lot of things going on right now, but us, it's nothing we can't handle. We're not waiting for someone to walk through the door. We have all the talent we need in house. We just have to put it all together on Sunday and not just win the stats, but win where it counts, which is points on the board."

Watch the full interview below: