Trey Lance "Excited to Learn" and be a Leader for 49ers

The everlasting theme for Trey Lance at 49ers rookie mini-camp was how excited he is to learn.
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“Just excited, excited to see what I can do, excited to learn."

That was the everlasting theme of Trey Lance's answers on Friday at 49ers rookie mini-camp press conference.

The moment of being drafted and being in the league is behind him. All Lance is looking forward to now is paying back the trust the 49ers have instilled in him by trading all the way up to the No. 3 overall pick.

"Obviously, they have trust in me and believe in me, otherwise I wouldn't be here," said Lance. "So I'm just super thankful, like I said, for the position that I'm in and to be able to be here. All the coaches that you mentioned, our whole offensive staff is really special. So I'm looking forward to just getting out there and competing and hopefully learn as much as I possibly can.”

All of Lance's answers reiterated the same point and were short. But that is just a show of how he's looking to grind to get to the level of being a starter. It is not going to be easy for Lance, but so far he is on the right track by already knowing a "chunk of the playbook" going into mini-camp. At the rate he is going, training camp will be one of emphasis to watch.

It isn't just technique and knowledge that Lance is looking to build upon. There is more to it than that. The person that Lance is matters as well. He cannot be someone who is nonchalant and reserved. That is something that Lance understands.

"Obviously as my position playing quarterback," Lance said, "I want to be a leader for these guys and be someone that they can lean on and they can ask questions to, regardless of what it is. So I'm just super looking forward to kind of having our group of guys, those rookies coming in, those first-year guys, and hopefully being able to lead them and help them out and get us going in the right direction.”

Lance's first day of practice in Santa Clara is now in the books. This was just the first step for him to develop and to get himself ready for the impending quarterback competition come training camp in August.