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What is Plaguing the Offense of the 49ers?

Slow starts have hurt the 49ers offense. Kyle Shanahan explains what improvements he wants to see.

Starting out slow can cost a team a game.

And that is exactly what has been the issue when it comes to the offense of the 49ers.

They do not come out of the gates swinging. They come out like they just left a buffet with a bloated belly (I can relate). It never fails this season, outside of Week 1, that the offense starts out slow. And even when they get things going, they aren’t able to put up points.

So what is plaguing the offense of the 49ers?

“On offense, I think we have to be much better in situational football,” said Kyle Shanahan. “We have to be much better throwing and catching. I'd like to generate a few more explosive runs. I think we're running the ball somewhat decent, but if you don't get big runs you're never going to have those numbers. And then it just comes down to execution in some real critical situations.”

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Shanahan is correct on all accounts here. The players do need to clean it up by catching passes, penalties and remaining disciplined.

But Shanahan leaves out one teeny tiny detail: He is also at fault for what is plaguing the offense. His play calling is not able to generate points. The plays look out of rhythm more times than not. And while you can factor that into the players failing to execute, Shanahan himself needs to do more to put his players in a position to be successful. Even if it is just solely execution, who chose these players? Shanahan did. 

If the players are struggling with what he is calling and designing throughout the week in practice, then it is up to him to adapt to what will work. That is one thing I feel like he is neglecting. Adapting to what the game flow is, and what the defense is doing, which would explain why the plays feel out of whack.

Shanahan is not a bad play caller or even a head coach. He’s simply going through a funk right now. It’s fine. That happens to all of us at our jobs or aspects of our lives. It’s a matter of if he and the 49ers can right the ship. 

They need to get back on track and it starts Sunday night against the Colts.