What is the 49ers' Biggest Concern Facing the Bills' Offense?

The 49ers' defense has been on a tear this season.
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The 49ers' defense has been on a tear this season.

Seeing it perform so well without an adequate pass rush has been nothing short of stellar, especially since it was reliant on the pass rush last season. 

If the 49ers are to make the playoffs, then their defense is going to need to continue its superb performance on Monday Night Football when they face the Bills. Buffalo is an impressive team that should not be overlooked. 

They aren't dominating their opponents, but are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Their defense is solid along with their explosive offense led by the passing attack of quarterback Josh Allen and wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Containing these two players is going to be a hassle for the 49ers' defense, but it is not too much for them to handle.

So what is the 49ers' biggest concern facing the Bills' offense?

Stop me if you have heard this before, but it is the mobility of Allen. He may be an improved passer this season, but Allen is still a scrambling quarterback. It is a strength of his that he will certainly look to use against the 49ers. In fact, it might be their best plan of attack against the San Francisco's defense since they should be successful against Buffalo's receivers. 

Allen has carried the rock 81 times this season and has run it in for a score in three of his last four games. The 49ers have only two weaknesses that are rather very common for every defense in the league. Those weaknesses are containing mobile quarterbacks and elite wide receivers.

Luckily for the 49ers, containing a mobile quarterback in this instance will be easier for them. Allen is not a quick and elusive player. His scrambling ability plays into the hands of the 49ers. How I see Allen is similar to how I saw the 49ers face Cam Newton. Both are strong, big-bodied quarterbacks who are not afraid of contact. That may suffice against most defenses around the league, but not the 49ers.

If Allen wants to take off with the ball, then Fred Warner or Dre Greenlaw will easily snuff him out. Their speed and aggressive nature will put Allen to a screeching halt. There must be ZERO hesitation when contacting Allen or he is capable of running them over. Bringing down Allen isn't easy as Chargers' defensive end Joey Bosa even acknowledged so himself when he was mic'd up against the Bills in Week 12. 

The reason I do not have Diggs or even Cole Beasley, a solid slot receiver, as the biggest concern for the 49ers' defense is because this secondary has seen a lot worse matchups. This one is definitely creeping up there in toughness for them, but the 49ers should not be consistently getting gashed by them. The 49ers had success stopping Diggs in the playoffs last season, so they have the blueprint on him.

Beasley might actually be the receiver of concern because Moseley is not battle-hardened as a slot corner. Early on, the Bills may test that and see, but I believe Moseley will be able to get his legs under him eventually like he did towards the end of their matchup with the Rams.

Containing Allen's mobility is the most threatening thing for the 49ers. If he is ineffective there, then the 49ers have a great chance of winning.