Why Jim Mora Jr. Likes the 49ers' Trade for the No. 3 Pick

"It's very obvious that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have their guy. They know who they want."
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I did a four-part interview with former NFL head coach and 49ers defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr. on Monday.

Here's Part 1.

Q: Do you like the 49ers trading three first-round picks and a third-rounder in 2022 for the No. 3 pick in the NFL Draft?

MORA Jr.: "It's certainly out of character from what you and I know about the 49ers, but it's very obvious that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have their guy. They know who they want, and they made a bold move to get in position to get that guy. I think we're all assuming it's a quarterback -- you don't give up that type of capital unless it's a guy who's going to touch the ball every down. And I'm going to say it's a good move because they have a plan. You can always recoup those picks later on. There are ways to do that. But it was big and it was bold, and if the guy they want is there, and I'm assuming he will be, and he pans out the way they think he will, then we're all going to be really happy about this move when we look back on it in four or five years.

"If you do the value comparisons, they lost (the trade), and the Dolphins won. But we're talking about two really smart men in John and Kyle and Jed as well -- I'm sure Jed was involved in this. They thought it through, they weighed their options, they know where their franchise is and what it needs to get to the Super Bowl. This is not an organization that's going to settle for just getting to the playoffs. This is an organization that expects to win world championships. And so, I think they had to make a bold move. They had to do what they did in order to reach the pinnacle, to win the Super Bowl, because that's the only thing that has ever been acceptable when you're a 49er. When I was there, if you didn't win the world championship, you didn't even get your picture put up. That's just the way it was. You didn't reach the goal. The goal is not the playoffs. The goal is not to win the division. The goal is to win the world championship. You have to be big and bold to do that."