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Why the 49ers are Going to Demolish the Vikings

Here is why the 49ers are going to easily win against the Vikings.

Riding a two game winning streak has changed the outlook of the 49ers.

They went from a team you could not take seriously to a team that is firmly in position for playoff contention. It looks like the 49ers have started to figure things out on offense and are clicking on all levels of the team.

Still, they will need to prove it once and for all that they are truly the real deal. The way they can accomplish that is by beating the Vikings at Levi’s stadium. This game carries heavy playoff implications as Minnesota is also a valiant team that can make the playoffs. The 49ers will have to play an phenomenal game if they want to beat the Vikings as things will not be as easy as they were in the 2019 divisional game.

Or will it?

Minnesota is a good team for sure, but the 49ers are BETTER. The 49ers are going to demolish the Vikings and quell any doubts regarding their legitimacy as a playoff contender.

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Look, the Vikings are a solid team and should not be underrated by any measure. They beat the Packers last week in a thriller of a game and have had a few wins snatched from under them due to mishaps.

With that said, it would not shock me to see the 49ers replicate their dominance from the 2019 divisional game. A lot of that stems from how similar both teams are from that last matchup. It’s something Kyle Shanahan recognizes as well.

“Yeah, I believe so. [Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer] Zim has done what he's done for a long time and so has our coaching staff, and I know we have a different defensive coordinator, but still very similar style and very similar defense. So schematically, I think it's very similar. And usually there's a lot of turnover in three years, but you go back and watch those games and they're still some of the main guys, especially on their side of the ball and you can see our guys too.”

Minnesota is relatively the same. Their greatest strength is their offense yet again with Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen as a vaunted trio. The Vikings will surely want to run the ball as much as the 49ers have been. But I don’t believe they will be able to run rampant on the 49ers defense, especially in the state they’re in right now. The Vikings are rolling out two centers, one of them is playing guard, that are putrid. Running the ball with Dalvin Cook is going to be tough for them as the 49ers’ defensive line has been surging these past two games. 

The key matchup is for the defense of the 49ers to bottle up the Vikings’ offense. There should be no trouble from the 49ers offensively as the Vikings are atrocious in run defense and have arguably the worst cornerbacks in the league. Moving the ball and scoring points should not be an issue. At least 30 points will be scored by the 49ers, while the Vikings will barely crack around 20.

Demolishing the Vikings like they did in 2019 will not happen. That game was over by halftime. But the 49ers certainly will not have much difficult outside of a few series. I expect the 49ers to proudly plant their flag of legitimacy as playoff contenders following the game.