Will George Kittle Have Over or Under 1,025 Receiving Yards in 2021?

DraftKings Sportsbook has set George Kittle’s number at 1,025 yards.
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The over or under series is back again.

For the second weekend in a row, George Kittle is the focal point of this article. Last time it was about his touchdowns. Today will be about his receiving yards.

DraftKings Sportsbook has set Kittle’s number at 1,025 yards. Only 634 receiving yards were tallied by Kittle last season, which of course he was plagued by injuries. Otherwise, there’s a strong chance he exceeds a 1,000 yards regardless of the quarterback. His prior two seasons, Kittle was balling out in this area. In 2019 he reeled in 1,053 yards and 1,376 yards in 2018. It was a magnificent run by Kittle, which he is sure to look to get back on track on.

So will Kittle have over or under 1,025 receiving yards in 2021?

It’s a lock he goes over that yardage.

The 49ers are paying Kittle top dollar for a tight end, so he needs to produce like one. He needs to get back on top of Darren Walker and even steal the crown away from Travis Kelce as the better receiving tight end. Even with Kittle being utilized as a blocker, he has proven he can do both. He is that superb of a talent. Defenses try to take him away, and succeed at times, yet he stills finds a way to create space with or without Kyle Shanahan scheming him open.

Plus, there has to be someone in the 49ers ranks that exceeds 1,000 receiving yards. That someone HAS to be Kittle because of his talent and being the top paid offensive skill player. If Kittle does not go over this set number, then he either sustained serious injuries again or he isn’t being utilized enough. You could say maybe the quarterback is holding him back, but he has never had a problem with that before.

In fact, maybe Trey Lance being the starter at some point will actually benefit him. Or at least, that is what I would expect if Lance did step in.

Are you taking over or under 1,025 receiving yards for Kittle?