Will the 49ers Attempt to Trade for a Veteran Quarterback?

Upgrading at quarterback is an underlying goal for the 49ers.
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Upgrading at quarterback is an underlying goal for the 49ers.

That is why they are constantly rumored to be in the mix for multiple veteran quarterbacks via trade. The two names that really hold the most weight were Matthew Stafford and now Deshaun Watson. 

But what about any other veteran quarterback? This offseason has already started out bizarre with multiple starting quarterbacks being traded. It seems like almost any veteran who isn't Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady is available. 

So since veteran quarterbacks are being randomly namedropped, will the 49ers even attempt to trade for a veteran quarterback?

I don't believe the 49ers are in the trade market for a veteran quarterback. As much as their has been reports of interest with Watson, I sincerely doubt it is serious on their end. I believe the 49ers are remaining steadfast on Jimmy Garoppolo being their quarterback, unless they are able to get a top prospective quarterback in the draft.

Other than that, I see no way the 49ers tap on any team's shoulder regarding their quarterback. It does not matter if they are available or not. The 49ers do not believe that quarterback is their top priority to address, which is a logical way of thinking. They still have Trent Williams to worry about along with adding pass rushers and cornerbacks.

But do not get it twisted.

The 49ers are definitely keeping their eyes peeled for any potential upgrade over Garoppolo. The last thing that Kyle Shanahan wants to endure in 2021 is another lost season because Garoppolo is too fragile. That is the basis as to why the 49ers are constantly being attached to quarterback rumors in the first place. 

A trade for a veteran quarterback is a farfetched reality for the 49ers. Drafting and developing behind Garoppolo appears to be the likeliest scenario.