Would Jimmy Garoppolo be Content as the 49ers Backup Quarterback?

The role in which Jimmy Garoppolo will play for the 49ers remains to be seen if he does get retained.
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Jimmy Garoppolo could still be with the 49ers for the 2021 season. 

If John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan's words were not a farce, which I doubt, then they will remain steadfast about the high price they have set for Garoppolo to be traded.

However, the role in which Garoppolo will play for the 49ers remains to be seen if he does get retained. Garoppolo being the starter for the 49ers is not a guarantee. They could easily make it a quarterback competition between him and the rookie. Let's say Garoppolo ends up getting beaten out and is relegated as the backup.

Would Garoppolo be content as the 49ers backup quarterback?

He certainly would have a bad taste in his mouth after being named the backup. The 49ers have been his team since he arrived in San Francisco, so it is definitely going to be another reality check for him. 

And with that reality check, he will remember how much money he is being paid and not care about it any longer. Garoppolo will be the highest paid backup in the league by far. He'll get to do what he has done for the vast majority of his career -- chill on the sideline. 

For Garoppolo, being a backup is something he has to be considering at this very moment. Taking a quarterback with the third pick should mean that the rookie is going to start. Even if it gets to the point where it is a competition in training camp, Garoppolo could still end up losing it.

So this is definitely a possibility he must consider and start to come to grips with. That is why if it does happen, I don't think it will sting that much because he would ideally have already considered it. Initially, it will surely not sit well with him. Probably for a day or two it will irk him.

But at the end of the day he will remember that the 49ers are paying him over $25 million to stand on the sidelines.