Emotional Day Got the Best of Caleb Williams Thanks to Mom

Bears new quarterback was crying as he saw the video message his mother put out describing his ascension from childhood.
Caleb Williams meets the media in Chicago for the first time at Halas Hall.
Caleb Williams meets the media in Chicago for the first time at Halas Hall. / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
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Caleb Williams was criticized often for crying in his mothers arms after USC had been beaten against Washington last fall but it seems he didn't mind another emotional situation on draft day.

Williams was crying again on Thursday during Day 1 of the draft but under different circumstances.

His mother, Dayne Price, sent him a short video talking about his growth from a baby to today and wishing him well.

NFL.com tweeted it out with Williams reaction next to the message and he was crying.

His mother said when he was a baby climbing out of his crib, "Who knew the arm strength that you would carry into today?"

She added, "I love the way you have moved through life, around 10, having a vision, wanting something for yourself and us being here today with your vision was you wanted to be an NFL player and here we are."

His mother accompanied him Friday to Halas Hall.

"We're a tough family," Williams said. "We don't necessarily give too many congratulations and moments like that because you get to live every day and you're grateful for that and we're all grateful for that.

"But you're woking towards something and to have this moment and be a Chicago Bears of this historic … this team that we're building and things like that. So for her to do that for me in a three minute, I think it was 3 minutes and 33 seconds, for her to record something like that, I heard she choked up a little bit also, it gets me pretty emotional. I tried to hold back the tears. I couldn't. And much love to her. Shoutout to my mom."

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