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Split Market on Favorite for Falcons QB

It's oddsmakers' dream with the Falcons favorites for both Justin Fields and Minnesota Vikings.

The Bears quarterback debate is at least good for something.

It's making money for Las Vegas bookmakers because they can just sit back and collect the juice off two opposing and fairly even betting lines. 

The betting odds on Fields' next team, according to, have drastically changed. There are two favorites for Atlanta's next QB, almost equal in terms of betting lines, and when this happens the house loves it. They're making money regardless.

The Atlanta Falcons had been a heavy favorite to be Fields' team next season at +475, but now the trend has changed.

While the Falcons remain favorites, the line has changed close to even money. It's +125 for the Falcons and the Pittsburgh Steelers are No. 2 at +250 despite various reports from Pittsburgh saying the team is no longer interested.

The Bears are at +275 to keep Fields while the Minnesota Vikings have crept up to +550 and the Las Vegas Raiders are at +650.

And while Atlanta remains the favorite for Fields, Kirk Cousins is also the favorite to be the next Atlanta QB, sitting at -225. The Vikings are at +150 to retain their starter.

So the oddsmakers will take in the vig money and smile whether it's Fields or Cousins in Atlanta.

The Steelers had been a favorite for Fields at one point but are now actually favorites for Russell Wilson to be the next quarterback at -135

With free agency only five days away, it's also interesting to note if the Kansas City Chiefs do not sign defensive tackle Chris Jones back, the favorite for his services are the Bears at +425. 

The Chiefs are heavy favorites to have him back, though, at -350.

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