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Russell Wilson Pittsburgh Trip a QB Key

It's possible Justin Fields' fate could hinge on a meeting in Pittsburgh between the Steelers and Russell Wilson, although there might be a late entry making a bid.

The Bears once made a play for Russell Wilson in a trade without success.

Now he could hold one of the keys to who they could trade Justin Fields to, when the deal occurs and what they could get in return, if they even trade him.

With a decision on Fields' fate still not reported but the number of potential takers in a trade seemingly diminished, Wilson stands right behind Kirk Cousins as a major player in the game of musical chairs to decide the home for the 2021-23 Bears QB starter.

If the Bears want to draft Caleb Williams and trade Fields, one of the possible teams to send him to was Pittsburgh.

The Steelers were slated to talk to Wilson and, in fact, Friday he was spotted getting a flight to Pittsburgh from Newark after he had a visit with the New York Giants. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport tweeted about Wilson being headed to Pittsburgh for his meeting Friday morning.

However, another team potentially could enter into the picture—the Las Vegas Raiders.

Pittsburgh obviously is interested in Wilson but if he does not sign there and winds up with the Raiders or Giants, it leaves a possible gap that can be filled by Fields in a trade.

Sending Fields to the Steelers would make more sense for the Bears because it would be an AFC team. Trading him to the Atlanta Falcons would also be a positive from his standpoint because he is from Atlanta.

Cousins landing in Atlanta remains a strong possibility.

If the Steelers can't land Wilson, then the next logical choice must be Fields. The Steelers have talked openly about being behind current QBs Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph but neither had proven consistent enough to be an NFL starter at this point

Still lurking is the possibility Wilson winds up in Pittsburgh and the Bears are without a trading partner for Fields—at least prior to free agency Then they might have no choice but to consider trading Fields within the NFC North to the Minnesota Vikings.

In fact, oddsmakers are seeing this as a strong possibility. 

The lastest betting line from makes Fields the favorite to be the starter next season for the Vikings at 3-1. Dallas backup Trey Lance is 4-1.

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