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Reports Have Bears on Saquon Barkley's List

The Bears are among seven teams named in two reports as likely to have an interest in Giants free agent running back Saquon Barkley.

Free agency running back interest by the Bears apparently will not be limited to Josh Jacobs of the Raiders.

Two reports, including one by a New York Giants beat writer, have named the Bears as one of six teams who could be looking at signing Saquon Barkley once the negotiating period begins at 3 p.m. Monday.

New York Daily News Giants and NFL reporter Pat Leonard sees the free agent back being in touch with the Bears.

"Sources view the Baltimore Ravens, Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles as some primary potential suitors who have the resources, need and interest to possibly sign Barkley," Leonard wrote.

A similar report was made by USA Today national writer Tyler Dragon, except it also included the Chargers but not the Patriots among teams "rumored" to have interest.

Barkley suffered a torn ACL in 2020 against the Bears at Soldier Field in a Week 2 Giants loss and then fought through an ankle injury the next season as he tried to come back.

Barkley showed he was back without doubt in 2022 by making the Pro Bowl for the second time and gaining a career-high 1,312 yards on 295 carries with 10 touchdowns. He gained 962 yards on 247 carries but missed three games last year as he had an ankle injury.

For his career, Barkley just turned 27 last month and will be in his seventh season. He has 5,211 yards on 1,201 caarries for a 4.3-yard career average and 35 rushing TDs.

One of Barkley's big advantages is his use in the passing game. He had 91 catches for 721 yards as a rookie but hasn't approached that total again. However, he has remained a big part of the passing game with 288 total receptions for 2,100 yards and 12 TDs.

Barkley is ranked 30th among PFF's free agents. The website projected his market value at $12 million a year for three seasons. says $9.9 million a year.

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