Report: Bengals Asking Prices 'Unreasonable' Ahead of Trade Deadline

Bengals Asking Prices 'Unreasonable' Ahead of Trade Deadline
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CINCINNATI — The Bengals are one of the many teams that could sell some of their veteran players ahead of the NFL trade deadline.

Cincinnati is currently sporting a 1-4-1 record. They have veteran players like Carlos Dunlap, who are clearly unhappy with their role on defense. 

They could also consider dealing A.J. Green, John Ross, Geno Atkins and Shawn Williams. 

From the outside looking in, there aren't many untouchables on this roster.

Despite that being the case, the Bengals aren't known for making in-season trades. They were in a similar position last season, but held onto Andy Dalton, Dunlap, Green and company. 

It also takes two teams to get a deal done. The Bengals could have a high markup on their players.

"I'm hearing a lot of chatter but asking prices seem unreasonable," one NFC executive told Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports.

NFL teams will also consider the potential reduced salary cap in 2021. No one knows how much it will drop, which hurts Dunlap and Atkins' value. The Pro Bowlers are under contract through 2021 and 2022, respectively. 

Mike Brown and the Bengals aren't going to give away their veterans. If history tells us anything, it's that the organization would rather keep Billy Price as a backup center, instead of flipping him for a seventh-round pick. 

The same thing goes for Ross, Williams and the rest of the roster. 

The trade deadline is on Nov. 3. The Bengals could make a couple moves, but don't be shocked if they stand pat for a second-straight season. 

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