As the Bills front office compiles their notes from this season's NFL Combine, they are already well underway evaluating talent for the 2020 season.

When the NFL season wrapped up, the newly formed XFL took center stage for football fans needing their fix with many nationally televised broadcasts. The initial broadcasts on FOX, ABC and ESPN drew viewers watching many college stars who never got their chance to break out in the NFL.

And, the Bills were watching too.

"Anything that is football we are going to check it out," Beane said at the Combine last week. "CFL XFL, we were even watching the AAF, I think it is good. I love these other leagues. We don't have a minor league system like some of these other leagues do. So, for us, that is another chance for guys to play football."

The national broadcast rights of XFL games have resurrected many players careers and put them back into the spotlight. Including, former Bills quarterback Cardale Jones.

"This is another chance for us to see guys in true simulation," Beane continued. "Helmets on, pads on."

During his meeting with the media at the combine, Beane also pointed to Greg Olsen's visit with the Bills.

The veteran tight end became a free agent after his release from Carolina and visited with Buffalo before ultimately joining the Seattle Seahawks.

"He has put up some great numbers, and so, anytime there is a guy like that I am always going to be looking. From draft, free agency, salary cap cuts...someone thinks this guy is too old but maybe I don't...whatever the case may be, we are going to take a look. It doesn't necessarily mean we are going to sign them but if it is someone who can help the Bills I am going to investigate it."

The Bills have an estimated $80 million in cap space to work with this offseason.