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With the AFC East title out of reach for the Buffalo Bills following their 24-17 loss to the Patriots, all eyes have turned to the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Buffalo has secured the top Wild Card spot and the fifth seed in this year's playoffs with one regular season game remaining on the schedule against the Jets.

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The most likely postseason opponent for the Bills looks to be the Houston Texans who secured the AFC South title this weekend. With a 10-5 record, they currently hold the 4th seed in the playoffs.

There is still a chance, depending on the outcomes of week 17, that the Texans could jump up to the third seed and the Kansas City Chiefs could drop to the fourth spot.

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The Bills will play Houston if....the Chiefs win Sunday against the Chargers.

The Bills will play Kansas City if...the Texans beat the Titans and the Chiefs lose to the Chargers.

No matter what happens, the path to the Super Bowl for the AFC will go through Baltimore. With a 13-2 record, the Ravens have secured the top spot in the postseason.

New England currently has the second seed sitting at 12-3 and has a head-to-head tie breaker loss to Baltimore.

The Patriots play the Dolphins to close out the regular season at home in Foxborough. If they lose, there is a chance the Chiefs could jump into the second spot should Kansas City win.