Following the success of last season's AFC Wild Card run, the Buffalo Bills have begun to get fans to look towards for what 2020-21 has in store.

On Wednesday afternoon, the organization sent out a letter to season ticket holders alerting them to price changes for the upcoming year.

According to the letter, season ticket prices are expected go rise an average of 4.6% - or $4.11 from last season.

"The upcoming season brings many reasons for excitement," the letter penned by Chris Colleary, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service said. "Steps taken this season are only the beginning. This team will continue to be built for long-term success, and the next chapter has already begun. Playoff to championship caliber will remain the goal and standard here, and your support is vital to our success."

The good news for fans is that the average price of a ticket to a game at New Era field still remains under $100 - something rare in the NFL these days. The letter states that Buffalo is one of only three teams to stay under that threshold.

According to other reports, parking cost will also rise in 2020 by $2 per game in cash lots. Season passes for parking that went for $200 last year will now cost $220.

The letter also stated that the team will continue to offer interest-free payment plans to fans with their "Easy Renew" program.

If you're not a season ticket holder you can begin the process by enrolling here.