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Bills TEs: How Can Dalton Kincaid, Dawson Knox Pair Fluidly?

With the Buffalo Bills having drafted Dalton Kincaid, they now have much more offensive fluidity and flexibility.
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During the 2023 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills took tight end Dalton Kincaid with their first-round pick. Though Dawson Knox has proved himself, a team doesn't draft a player in the first-round with no immediate plans for said player to play.

Long story short, Kincaid will have a role with this team, and a potentially big one at that. 

However, the Bills also wouldn't handicap Knox, who has earned his spot as starter on this team. The two tight ends could be able to find a way to play together in the flow of the game, and the Bills will lean on the two players' unique skillsets to maximize the efficiency of the offense.

Knox will help in the blocking game as a big body that can beef up the line. On the flip side, Kincaid is a more mobile tight end that can torch a defense if the right defensive personnel changes aren't made on the field.

As a result, the Bills offense will be able to be more fluid and flexible, as having a rotation of guys can help Buffallo give opposing defenses different looks. 

Even as a second-string tight end, Kincaid already gives the team a huge upgrade. However, the depth chart doesn't end with two tight ends. The Bills will likely take three tight ends into the season on the 53-man roster.

Kincaid will likely be taking Quintin Morris' role on the team. Morris earned his spot on the team last season and proved himself to the coaching staff. Now, being up-seated in his backup role, Morris will have to lean on other avenues to make himself useful for the team and provide fire insurance if either of the Bills' top two tight ends get hurt.

Thankfully, Morris will be able to provide aid on special teams, as Knox and Kincaid will leave their focuses toward the offensive game.

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