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Naked LSD Man Plummets Into Buffalo Bills Stadium Hole While Covered in Feces

As the Buffalo Bills were winning in Week 2, a man who was allegedly naked, covered in human excrement and under the influence of cocaine and LSD was being rescued from the construction site of the new stadium.
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On the same weekend when the Buffalo Bills won their NFL game at Highmark Stadium to avoid falling into a hole, a 29-year-old man was down the street, at the site of the new stadium .... falling into a hole.

While he was allegedly naked.

And while he was allegedly under the influence of cocaine, LSD and marijuana.

And while he was covered in human excrement.


The Erie County Sheriff's Office said that right around kickoff time on Sunday, security were asked to assist with a person in trouble. That person, according to law enforcement officials, chose to run away from the security personnel and into the area where the new stadium is being built.

Security pursued the man and apparently observed him climbing the 10-foot protective fence that surrounds the construction site ... and then running toward the excavated area.

He reportedly fell 15 feet into a hole ... gathered himself ... took off running again ... and fell into another 15-foot-deep excavation hole.

By this time, the sheriff's office, EMS and fire department were asked to respond, and when alerted to respond, and when authorities did arrive, they were told by the man that he was under the influence of a variety of drugs. At that point the man wasn't taken in to custody but rather was taken to a hospital while being charged with "criminal trespass,'' 

Oh, and by the way, the Bills beat the Las Vegas Raiders, 38-10, to move to 1-1 on the new season.