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5 First-Round Prospects the Broncos Must Avoid at Pick 15 in the Draft

For varying reasons, the Broncos have to eliminate these talented prospects from their first-round board.

When a team sits with the No. 15 overall pick in the NFL Draft, all sorts of options are open and on the table. It's no different for the Denver Broncos. 

The Broncos could trade up, as they have at least nine picks in this draft, along with an additional three projected compensatory picks. That's a lot of ammo, but trading up is always a huge risk, but then again, so is the whole draft.

Teams often trade down in order to stockpile more picks, letting the board fall and resolve. With the draft being such a crapshoot with no guarantee that 'player A' will be a hit, some in the NFL believe that the more picks a team can make, the better. 

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After all, more picks means you flood the roster with more competition and increases the odds of hitting on those picks. But that approach presents its own unique risk as well, since trading back to stockpile picks could mean inadvertently passing up on 'player B' who ends up becoming a perennial Pro Bowler.

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The draft isn’t an exact science and if some general manager could crack the code to hit on every pick, they'd make untold millions. With the Broncos sitting at pick 15 overall, they have many options. 

Denver could hold fast, trade up, or trade down, but one thing's for sure; they'll have a multitude of prospects to choose from to help make their decision. There are so many good fits in this class that could be there at 15 for the Broncos and there are many that would make perfect sense for them. However, there are a handful of prospects that may be there but aren't ideal selections for Denver.

In the video above, I highlight five first-round caliber prospects that the Broncos should avoid with the 15th overall selection. The reasons for passing on each vary from positional value, player value, need, and/or fit with the Broncos. 

With all the focus on which player Denver should take, there should be some time put into eliminating the prospects the team should avoid at 15. Check out the video and then voice your opinion on what the Broncos should do in the comment section below.

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