5 Sleeper Linebacker Options for Broncos in 2020 Draft

Erick Trickel

Alexander Johnson had a really good year for the Denver Broncos and it really came out of nowhere. The Broncos took a risk in benching Josey Jewell, and Johnson answered the call in a big way. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still a really good first year as a starter.

Next to Johnson, the Broncos once again had Todd Davis. Davis is a controversial player for Broncos fans, but he is a good run defender that can be effective in certain coverages. 

For the first three-quarters of the season, Davis was doing great all-around. That changed in the last few games as teams found ways to get him mismatched on receivers in coverage and exploited it.

The Broncos need help, primarily a coverage linebacker. Both starters had their issues in coverage and both are better run defenders. Denver needs to find a complementary piece that can handle tougher coverage duties.

There are options in both the draft and free agency that can fill this role. One popular name that should really be in interest for Broncos fans is Joe Schobert. Schobert is a free agent that is coming from the Cleveland Browns. He is only 26 years old and will be 27 towards the end of next season.

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With a focus on helping their coverage, Schobert is a good option as coverage is his strong suit. He allowed a reception every 10.8 snaps, while Johnson and Davis were at 9.9 and 8.9 respectively. Schobert is better in coverage than as a run defender, which will complement Johnson or Davis, whichever ends up starting next to him.

In the draft, there is Clemson's Isaiah Simmons and Oklahoma's Kenneth Murray. Both of those guys can really be complementary with their coverage skills. However, both of them may go earlier than the Broncos want to for a linebacker.

In the video above, I highlight five sleeper options the Broncos can look at later in the draft to help their linebacker corps. Not all of them are about the starter, but about upgrading the depth which needs help as well. Make sure you give it a watch and leave your opinion in the comments below. 

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Erick quick question have you heard anything about the Broncos having interest in Joe Shobert from the Browns? He is only 26 and one of the top ILB in the game it seems Cleveland is going to let him walk and I think he would be a great addition to our defense.


Those are sleepers. I'd rather draft Simmons at 15 if there or Murray in the early 20 range after trading back. It wouldn't break my heart to see McKinney on the board in the 25 range either.

It's really hard to say how this draft will flow. My hopes are Wirf or Wills is there at 15. Simmons or Kinlaw are next. Ruggs wouldn't be horrible, but I'd rather have Reagor between 20 to 25.


What do you think Denver's chances of pulling the double trade similar to last year?

Who would they target at 20 something, 40, 45?

Would love three rookie impact players. OL/WR/IDL OR BPA.


What about Logan Wilson from Wyoming cowboys he is a lb and can cover and stop the run and is a great size linebacker


Trade Attachou and #15 with Detroit after they trade with Miami at #5. Get Derek Brown. Trade #2, #3, and #5 for the 24th or 25th pick and get Austin Jackson. Get Shobert Bradberry and Henry in Free Agency. Get WRs CBs and OT in rounds three to 7. BPA. Superbowl bound if we stay healthy and Lock continues progressing.


Dante Olson, University of Montana