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Broncos at the Senior Bowl: 5 Risers, 5 Fallers | Offense

These 10 prospects saw their draft stock rise and fall the most as a result of their respective Senior Bowl performances.

The Senior Bowl is one of the biggest factors in the pre-draft process each year where some prospects can really help their stock. Not only do some prospects help themselves, but the inverse can also be true — players can also hurt their stock during the process. 

In the video above, I break down the five prospects on offense who helped themselves the most in the Senior Bowl, the 'risers'. Below are five prospects who saw their draft stock fall as a result of Senior Bowl week. 


Steven Montez, QB, Colorado: Montez had some believers in his potential to develop into a backup-caliber quarterback at the very least. After his week in Mobile, those believers have dwindled. When Montez was put in at quarterback, the offense completely faltered and came to a halt. 

Tyre Phillips, IOL, Mississippi State: He revealed that he is just an interior offensive lineman. During the game, Phillips was put out at left tackle and was a slow mover and consistently gave up quick lanes to get to the quarterback. While he is better on the interior, Phillips' size and pad level are going to raise concerns at the next level. 

Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma: Hurts had an up and down week followed by a similar performance in-game. He needs a lot of work to be more of a quarterback for the NFL. Based on his current ability, there are few teams that will want to draft him. The potential is there, but he is a long-term project. 

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Nick Harris, IOL, Washington: Haris had a rough week of practice, which was to be expected. He is a lighter center that wins with technique, movement, and football IQ. The structure of practice isn’t set up for him to succeed but fortunately, his in-game performance was quite a bit better. The issue is, he is both scheme- and positon-limited. He's cut out for center and that's it. Those limitations do hurt his value, and drop his stock as other centers showed more versatility in Mobile. 

Alex Taylor, OT, South Carolina State: We knew he was a very raw prospect going into Senior Bowl week and that is exactly what we saw. There were some improvements made during the week under NFL tutelage, but it showed how much more work Taylor needs to be done. He is a multi-year project for NFL teams.

Outside of these five guys, there weren't many other players who really hurt their draft stock during the Senior Bowl. These five are the ones who really stood out above the rest. 

As for the 'risers', make sure to watch the video above for five prospects who helped themselves most during the Senior Bowl week.

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