Senior Bowl Weigh-Ins/Medicals: 5 Winners & 5 Losers | Defense

Erick Trickel

Senior Bowl week has kicked off and as always, it starts with the measurements of players. For some prospects, measurements may not seem like a big deal, but to many NFL teams, there are certain thresholds a player must meet depending on the position, like arm length, hand size, height, and weight. 

Every team has its requirements, including the Denver Broncos, though they vary team to team.

Looking at the defensive prospects, here are five winners and five losers that came out of the measurements, along with any medical concerns that arose.

Winner: Benito Jones, IDL, Ole Miss

Watching his tape, Jones doesn’t look like he has good length, so when he came out with 32-¾-inch arms, it caught attention. There is a bit more length with the tackle, and he carries good weight on his build. Teams needing a nose tackle need to take note.

Loser: Darnay Holmes, DB, UCLA

With cornerbacks, it's often about length. If a smaller corner (under 5-foot-11) has longer arms, teams won't be as concerned, but if you're on the shorter side and also have shorter arms, it's not good for your draft stock. When it comes to arm length, 31 inches seems to be the threshold most common, and the 5-foot-10 Holmes came out with 30-⅝-inch arms. While those ⅜ inches may not seem like a big deal, to teams it is, especially when combined with his height.

Winner: Javon Kinlaw, IDL, South Carolina

He is a great prospect, and everyone knew he was going to measure very well, but he still managed to catch many off guard. Kinlaw checked in at 6-foot-5, 315 pounds with 34-½-inch arms. His build is lean and he is just a giant ball of clay waiting to be molded in the NFL.

Loser: Dane Jackson, DB, Pittsburgh

While Jackson met the height threshold at 5-foot-11, his arms are under the 31-inch threshold at 30-¾. Teams are going to be concerned, but there is an expected move to safety in his future and the length concern is lessened some.

Winner: Robert Windsor, IDL, Penn State

There were many that expected Windsor to come in closer to 270 than 280 pounds. When the measurements were done, his weight was 287 pounds and teams are very intrigued. They will be watching to see how much the added weight impacts his play during practice.

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Loser: Terrell Burgess, DB, Utah

Once again, a defensive back that failed to meed the arm length threshold. While he will more likely be a safety in the NFL, he just met the safety threshold for arms at 30 inches. Height at 5-foot-11 is fine and his weight was great, but it is all about the arms.

Winner: Darrion Daniels, IDL, Nebraska

A mountain of a nose tackle that came in at 6-foot-3, 322 pounds, and with 33-½-inch arms. His tape is great as he contains so much power and is hard to move for interior offensive linemen. For a nose tackle, that is a great arm length.

Loser: Ashtyn Davis, S, California

This isn’t for measurement reasons, but for medical. Davis is at the Senior Bowl, but he won’t be playing or practicing for medical reasons. He had a chance to help his stock this week and potentially rise into the first round. Now, that isn’t going to happen.

Winner: Davon Hamilton, IDL, Ohio State

Hamilton does not look like he is nearly 330 pounds on tape, so seeing him check-in at 327 was a bit of a shock. He carries his weight very well, and is very explosive and quick at that bulk. Adding in good length with 32-⅞-inch arms with his body type and skills and you get a potential freak of nature for the NFL.

Loser: Leki Fotu, IDL, Utah

The final loser is a big bummer as he is being held out for medical reasons. The defensive line class isn’t the strongest and a good week would have been a huge boost for Fotu, but not participating is a down arrow on his stock. 

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Okay Javon Kinlaw looks like he could be a good #15 and who knows he might shoot up a little more after all is said and done. There is always so much to analyze I guess I may as well know that what I think now is probably nothing like I will think in six weeks. I still love my Shobert and can't help see a reasonable way to get Brown DT and Jackson OT by trading up for very little capital. We can't keep Attachou anyways can we?


7 Feet. That’s Kinlaw’s wingspan. I mean seriously, that is nuts!